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About us

PROCKC is a digital platform for enabling learners to access content that is produced by their peers, teachers or industry professionals. It's an online classroom, where users can interact freely with each other thereby breaking the monotony of a regular online class. It's a state of the art educational network that brings together teachers-students-professionals in a seamless environment.

Unlimited access

PROCKC portal's features are accessible by a simple login with password. All it takes is to have an internet access and you have unlimited access to all the wonderful features!

Video streaming

Video streaming module for teachers to upload their learning content online. Content could be of any format. Viewers can choose from various teaching videos.

Live Tutoring

Conducting live session can be a big hassle with payment issues. With PROCKC's live tutoring we clear all such hurdles and enable a smooth environment for teachers and students to engage.

Community networking

What's a class without some poking and pinching! PROCKC offers this feature to recreate the same enjoyable atmosphere online!

On-the-go learning

PROCKC doesn’t discriminate between people and so also between devices. PROCKC is accessible on any device from anywhere.

24x7 Super Support

PROCKC takes it seriously to maintain the learning atmosphere. So our dedicated team will help sort out any issues so that atmosphere of teaching and learning is intact.

Our Services

PROCKC is envisaged to transcend socio-economic, geographical, temporal, physical, linguistic & structural barriers in the propagation of knowledge & skills. We, at PROCKC, have tried to understand these barriers at students, teachers & working professional's level.

Who is the content creator on PROCKC ?

The content creator is you !!!!!!! at PROCKC, you can showcase your inherent skills & learning to a much wider audience from anywhere in the globe. PROCKC components enable you to reach your targeted students & audience in myriad ways.

Who is the audience on PROCKC ?

Everybody !!!!!! life is a journey where we never stop learning. at any stage of life, we can enhance our learning & creativity from fellow beings, and contribute in making this world a better place. PROCKC believes in providing the best education to an individual who has a will to learn, but unable to afford that in real world.

Can we earn with PROCKC ?

Ofcourse. The basic model of PROCKC is designed around providing the sure earning for content creators, wherever they are based.


This is the online streaming module that lets users browse through various available learning contents and view it in their own time.


This is the live session module that lets a student and teacher interact online face to face virtually. On completion of live session it can continued to be accessed by users over YouC !


The social network that lets users form into an online class and enjoy the experience just like a physical classroom with all the pinching and pocking between neighbouring student !


All tools that support teaching activity like whiteboard , slides, online books, scan pages etc. Anything that is learning material!


Language converter, hear your teacher in your own language!


The cloud storage component. You can store your favorite content online and view it later


Upload your video on PROCKC directly from other websites on which you have previously uploaded.


Advanced online calculator so that you don't fret!


Testing and evaluation module, take tests and know your strengths!


Statistical tools of analysis for users on their learning contents.

Watch. Listen. Network. Learn.


PROCKC is designed to be a one stop destination for all your learning needs. Users can share and also have access to learning contents right from a page of a text book to an entire course.The CHOICE is yours! The best thing about PROCKC is it brings together content produced by a diverse set of people from different locations and caters to changing learning needs of people.


Our Team

  • teacher1

    Prashant Johari

    CEO, Founder

  • teacher2

    Vignesh P

    COO, Founder

  • teacher3

    Priyanshi Saxena

    CPO, Founder

  • teacher4

    Ankit Gupta

    Technical Consultant

  • teacher4

    Mr. Anuj Kumar


  • teacher4

    Mr. Bhaskar BK


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About us

PROCKC is a digital platform for enabling learners to access content that is produced by their peers, teachers or industry professionals.

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