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By agreeing to terms laid down below you are agreeing to use the website fairly and that you understand its purpose and intent.


PROCKC is an online educational portal which is under development. This website is a landing page for providing information about PROCKC and it's object of services. Through this web page PROCKC intends to demonstrate what is in store for the future.

Using this website:

You may use the website as an informational guide only. The information contained herein will provide you with an idea of our service offering. Please note that the actual service offering may be different from your understanding based on this website.

You may not attempt the following:

  1. To alter any portion of the website i.e illegally gaining access control of the website; altering/overriding existing text, colour themes and images in the website.
  2. Addition or deletion of any text, colour themes and images in the website.
  3. Use a portion or whole of the website for any other purpose apart from the intended object.

Copyright :

All images, text and colour themes used here are copyrighted by PROCKC ventures private limited. Any unauthorized usage of materials provided in the website is punishable by law.

Becoming an Educator" Registering with us:

Thank you for registering with PROCKC!

By registering with us to become an educator, you are expressing your interest to partake in the service offering in future as and when it operationalizes. Post-registration you reserve the right to withdraw from your registration any time in the future by writing to us at contactus@prockc.com and providing your reason to withdraw.

Registration does not indicate an assurance in any way a potential income/stipend or exchange of consideration in any manner. Registration with us does not involve any contract and neither parties have any obligation towards each other.

Providing Information:

By providing information (name and email-id) while registering you are agreeing to our privacy policy. Please read the policy before entering the registration.


Services listed here are with a view to introduce a potential user to the offering if and when offered in future. PROCKC reserves the right to alter the names, object and logo of any of the service offering in future. Please note that PROCKC may operationalize the service either in whole or partially. PROCKC reserves the right to replace, add or withdraw any service from the list. The list of services presently is the most probable service likely to be offered and may change in future.

PROCKC reserves the right to deny the use of service or entirely withdraw the service in future depending on the situation prevailing then.


In case of any clarifications about the registration process or about PROCKC, please do write to us at contactus@prockc.com

We will be glad to have a dialogue with you!

Looking forward to PROCKCing with you!

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PROCKC is a digital platform for enabling learners to access content that is produced by their peers, teachers or industry professionals.

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