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How to decide "Teacher's Charge" on WeC

by Admin Prockc

3 years ago

We can understand how to set Teacher's Charge on WeC Live Session tool in two broad categories, as following :

1) One to One Session :

In the previous sections, you have read how to start a one to one session. While creating this session, as an educator, youu have to decide the "Teacher's Charge" which is the flat charge you wish to get whenever the student/viewer connect with your WeC session. This charge will be in points (1 point = 1 INR). Suppose, if you wish to earn 100 points for a WeC Session, you need to input 100 in the corresponding field. When the student joins that session, and agree to continue with the payments, 100 points will be deducted from student's Currenc Wallet and will automatically be credited into the Teacher's Earnings Walllet. There is no PROCKC Charge for either educator or Student for such a session. Also, there is no technology charge. Hurray ! So, what are you waiting for. Start connecting one to one with your audience and earn directly without any hassles in payments.

2) One to Many Session : 

In the previous sections, you have read how to create a one to many session. As an educator, you need to decide the "Teacher's Charge" which is the flat charge you wish to earn whenever a student connect with your Live WeC session. This will be in points also. Suppose you are a Level -1 (Master) Teacher [as per instructor's level], then you will be allowed to connect maximum 5 participants at a time. As the instructor level increases, so is the number of participants. The session duration is maximum 1 hour. You, as an educator, suppose, wish to earn 200 points from each student, then you will input 200 points in "Teacher's Charge" will starting the session. Whenever a student agrees to join the session, 200 points will be automatically deducated from student's CurrenC wallet and will be credited into Educator's earnings wallet. No hassles there. No worries for Teacher for payment default etc., There is no charge for an educator to start a new session. Hurray ! There will be two other charges on students in this type of session:

a) PROCKC Charge : This will be a flat charge based on Instructor Level of the Educator (Around 20-25 points only)

b) Technlogy Charge : This will a PER MINUTE charge levied on student to avail this high end premium technology, which not only broadcast but also able to interact with the educator and among themselves as well. For students convenience, they will be charged only for the time period they are joined on the session. A time counter is there on the WeC dashboard to keep a check. Suppose, the technology charge is 2.1 points per min and the student join for 20 minutes, then the charge will be 42 points.

Therefore, as an Educator, plan & decide the WeC session keeping all Parameter & Charges in mind. This is a wonderful & useful tool, which is multi level interactive as well as assure sureshot payment receiving guarantee for Educator.


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