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Online Teaching Jobs and Career

by Admin Prockc

1 year ago

Written by Vignesh P

Online Teaching is growing leaps and bounds. It is the area of future. Technology aids online teaching. With technology there are now online classrooms, where teachers have to simply log in and start connecting students. In olden days, home tuitions were popular. After school or college hours, teachers would hold tuitions at their place of choice and students would reach the venue according to their ‘batch’ timings. We as students all have undergone this at some point in our lives, right? It is time for now for teachers to consider this as an alternate career prospect. In today’s social network world, it is important for teachers to stay connected with the latest student demands. According to a study around 20 % of students are now engaged in self-study through online mode like PROCKC. This figure is expected to go up in the coming months and teachers need to be prepared to understand this shift in the student preferences. Many online content companies are now coming up with the promise to introduce all the latest AI, ML and VR techniques in content creation. But can it replace the teachers is the question? Highly unlikely. Studies show that a way student perceives and learns the subject is more to do with teacher as much as the content like PROCKC. If students would have learnt from content alone, we would have had only libraries and teaching profession would have been long gone. But the fact that it has not gone and it is still growing strong points to the obvious need for humans to engage with human teachers rather than robots. This may well be the future but surely just like robots cannot replace artists and painters, it can also not replace teachers. Because teaching is an art! And online teaching is the new showcase of that art!e sample content.

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