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Right way to use Online Learning. One Simple Trick.

by vignesh p

3 years ago

Lets admit it, we all love stuff which is FREE and delivered to our doorstep. Online learning has provided a great platform for exactly such students. Simply search for the concepts on YouTube or the umpteen platforms available. If you are lucky, you will get exactly what you want. But most often than not, we end up looking at the same thing again and again without any solution for our issues. This is especially true for subejcts involving numericals. Everyone explains the basic concept which we all understand perfectly well. For example, we all know the formula for relative velocity. But the challenge and hence the majority of the marks obtained is for the usage of it. Thats where we lose out.

Online learning aims to ease out concerns in this area. However, the issue is not addressed exactly. Here is why:

1) YouTube: The simplest solution for students is to do a google search and land on YouTube pages. While you can get free content there from many teachers. You will spend unnecessarily sifting through videos before you get what you want. Even then, the part where you want will be hidden somewhere inside in the video. You will be either forced to listen to the full video or to skip the portions to find only the portion you want. Which is like striking Gold! Is this worth the efforts and time? especially the day before your tests and exam? You Judge!

2) Next, you move on to specific educational portals that offer you great content and perhaps the exact thing you need. But like all things in life, there are no free lunches. Depending on your desperation, you will either end up buying the whole course thats on offer or leave everything and get back to solving the next one!

This way you have wasted your time and money for a simple concept. (This may not even come for the exam!) 

So is online learning useless then?

Not really. You need to know where to find what. For instance, you cannot expect YouTube to give you all the answers. YouTube is not designed for educational videos. YouTube is more an entertainment platform which happens to be useful for education also.

So you will search on Google? Too bad, Google is designed for a business platform and education seems to be an offshoot of it. 

So what should we do then? Focus more on library books? Yes, for starters!

But the next thing, you should do is search for platforms that have pay-per-view format in educational content. These platforms tend to satisfy your needs just to fil up those gaps in understanding and revising concepts or numericals. And they are really affordable. Since you wont be paying for an entire set of course, you will have save a lot of money and also a lot of time. 

Be Smart and Search for those prockc modes of learning! 

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