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SAU IR MA entrance exam | Exam Preparation

by vignesh p

3 years ago

SAU entrance exam is coming up in the following weekend. South Asian University is known for its diversity of students from Afghanistan, Bangladesh,Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It has excellent faculty with rich experience and expertise. International Relations (IR) is one of the first departments to be established under the Faculty of Social Sciences. IR department has remarkable faculty members with a wide variety of experience. 

From the current year onwards, SAU has made entrance exam into online format. The exam format would be of MCQs only. There are 50 MCQs. Questions are simple. You can see last year's question paper here: solved paper-2018.

Questions are mainly from South Asian politics and geography. So atleast know details about your own country, you can be lucky with one question :)

Some questions are simple like in one of the papers it was asked: Who won 1996 Cricket world cup? (Hint: South Asian Team!).Expect questions like these.

Also another favourite pattern is questions related to literature,specifically south asian literature. 

One of the questions from the previous year is : Who is the author of the book 'The Inheritance of Loss' ? or Who is the author of the book ' Case of Exploding Mangoes'? So prepare for a few known authors from the previous year, who may have won some prizes.

Also, prepare for few basic IR theory questions. There are basic theories like Realism : which says states are in a state of anarchy and therefore conflict is inevitable. The second theory is Liberalism : which says that states are in an anarchy but they tend to cooperate through various international organizations and economic interdepence which will prevent them from waging war on each other.

The third is Constructivism which is a bridge between realism and liberalism. It says that it is about ideas and norms. Alexander Wendt is the foremost proponent of this theory. He says "Anarchy is what states make of it". That means states 'construct' their image of the situation of the world. 

While these are mainstream theories there are many critical theories like : Post Structuralism, Marxism and Feminism.

Materials to be used: Google basic IR theories book by Steven Smith. Be careful to not to go too deep into it. Just basic knowledge is more than enough.

Be very aware of important international events around you, questions are likely from this as well.

Leave your comments or write to us for more information.

All the Best!

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