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Teachers : How to Earn online through

by Admin Prockc

1 year ago

As an educator you can earn through both the current tools of PROCKC i.e., YouC (recorded video class) & WeC (live onlive class) as discussed in other sections. To summarise, educator has to decide the 'Teacher's Charge' on both YouC and WeC. On every paid view of the content, either on YouC or WeC, the educator's Earnings wallet will be credited with the points educator has decided while uploading the video or setting up the session. So, your earnings as an educator will be totally in your control.

We take example from both the tools.

1. YouC:

'Teacher's Charge' can be set in three modes will uploading the video lectures.
a) Regular - The default charge is 10 points for level 1 students. The default charge varies as per viewing students level in this mode. The higher the viewer's student level, the lesser the default charge for them. So whenever a paid view is done by student/viewer, corresponding points will be automatically credited into Educator's Earnings wallet.
b) Paragon - In this mode, an educator can set any charge in points. Suppose, educator set 100 points, then whenever a paid view is done by student/viewer, 100 points will be automatically credited, irrespective of student's level viewing the content.An educator can set any point value in this mode.
c) Philantroph - In this mode, the charge will be by default ZERO for all viewers/students. This category should be chosen to introduce yourself to audience & build your online base amoung students.Nothing is credited to Earnings wallet in this mode.

 2. WeC :

'Teacher's Charge' will be set by the Educator on both type of sessions i.e., 'one to one' and 'one to many'. Suppose, educator set the charge as 200 points as Teacher's Charge. So whenever student/viewer join the session after agreeing to pay after preview, 200 points will be automatically credited into the Earnings Wallet.
a) One to One Session : 
Teacher's Charge  = 200 points (assume)
Duration = 1 hour
Earnings credited when student join and pay = 200 points


b) One to Many Session :
Teacher's Charge = 200 points (assume)
Duration = 1 hour
Students joined = 5 (assume)
Earnings credited = 200 x 5 = 1000 points

**The maximum number of students that can be joined in a session is dependent on Instructor's Level.

So whatever the educator earn through view of their content will be in Earnings Wallet. The wallet can be accessed from the Header or the drop down list from profile on Top - Right.

To claim their accumulated earnings, the educator have to provide their personal & bank account details in which they want their earnings to be paid in INR. Along with this, they have to provide correct details of their PAN (mandatory) & GST (optional) with uploading an clear image of their PAN CARD for processing the request of Earnings Claim.

An educator can see their individual earnings instances in the detailed list on Earnings Wallet page.

The Earnings can be claimed once the PAYOUT limit is reached. See Terms & conditions for payout limit or write to for any further clarifications. 

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