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Teachers : How to expand your online students community ?

by Admin Prockc

1 year ago

As PROCKC is based on pay-per-view model, the Earnings an Educator can ensure for their efforts will be directly dependent on two things : Quality of Content & the audience reach of the Educator. PROCKC is the launchpad for the aspiring educators as well as an accelerator for an established educators to expand their reach in online education scenario. PROCKC is the only platform in the world with such advanced and state-of-the-art tools at the disposal which provides equal opportunities to all educators.

PROCKC will help the educators in the process of expanding their community/audience through many ways.

Notwithstanding, the first few audience will mostly come from educator's already known circles. The known onces will be the first takers & most probable takers or consumers of the content. So, it is advised to all educators to market their content through their social media and word of mouth. This will surely create a cascading effect. PROCKC will definitely help the educators in this process through expert advertising & designing beautiful & effective creatives for the educators. So, advertising will be a combined effort form both ends to achieve the desired result.

At PROCKC, our strive is to help the educators through technology and marketing, and take the educator's skills & knowledge to the world thereby ensuring earnings. As an Educator, you can write to us at or to priortise your content in the PROCKC ecosystem. We have in-built options for promotional & sponsered contents & classes.

Therefore, to expand community, an educator has to produce quality content in first place. Then with our combined efforts we will surely open a set of audience for that content or class.

Always keep in touch with PROCKC Team during this process to strategise. We have a dedicated team specially for your help.  

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