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Teachers : How to plan WeC live Session

by Admin Prockc

3 years ago

As an educator if you want to conduct a live session with students, WeC is the ultimate multi level interactive tool you wish to have. A tool which can assure payments automatically for educators. Not only you can broadcast yourself realtime, you can interact live with our audience through video, text messenger, integrated wallet etc. WeC is a plethora of features integrated into one for the teaching purpose only. 

To connect with online students, there are two scenarios

1) You already have a student base/audience.

2) You want to build the student base/audience through

So, in the first scenario you are ready to plug n play. Ask you audience to join and connect with you over WeC live Chat.

In second scenario, you have to build an audience. So, to showcase yourself, first upload a free recorded video lecture/lectures  of yours' on YouC as explained in the previous sections. Promote your YouC video. Once there is a dedicated audience, you can start using the WeC way to connect with this new audience.

In addition, you have an option to conduct One to one Sessions as well as One to many Sessions on WeC.

If you choose One to One Session, you have to intimate the student in advance about the time & topic, and then enter his/her email id (registered with prockc) while starting the session. If student has not joined prockc, the ask him to. Then use that email id. A link will be sent to student to join the session, whenever the teacher starts. The Session will also be listed on One to One section of WeC landing page. A student can join from there too.

If you choose one to many session, you can connect with multiple students at the same time with brillinat features at your disposal. ( The no. of students that can join the session will be dependent on your Instructor Level).

So what are you waiting for. Start building audiences and connect with them online through WeC to transfer knowledge & assured earnings.

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