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Teachers : How to set 'Cost of View' on YouC

by Admin Prockc

3 years ago

While uploading the video, you have to decide the 'Teacher's Chrge' you wish to earn through EACH PAID view.Whenever a student/viewer watches your uploaded video, a preview will be shown to them depending upon the play length of the video. If the student agrees to continue playing the video after preview, then "Teacher's Charge' for that video will be automatically credited into the Educator's (Uploader's) Earnings Wallet. 

The Teacher's Charge is set in three ways:

1) Regular : This is the default charge set by PROCKC depending upon the viewer's Student's Level. ( For level 1 Student, it is 10 points). As the viewer's level increase, the charge will decrease automatically. [1 point = 1 INR]

2) Paragon : You can decide any value from zero to infinity in this category, as seems appropriate to you as an educator. It will be same for all viewers.

3)Philantroph : The Teacher's Charge is Zero. This will a free video for the viewers. This is basically for promotion & introduction purpose.

So, the "Cost of View" for students is 1.5 times the "Teacher's Charge" currently. Suppose you wish to set " Teacher's Charge" as 10 points, then the COV is 1.5x10 = 15 points. This amount will be charged from student for every paid view.

Therefore, set the "Teacher's Charge accordingly. The freedom an d choice is completely yours'. PROCKC will assist you in the process, if you wish.

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