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Teachers : Ways to Create an Educational Video

by Admin Prockc

3 years ago

As an educator, you hold the knowledge regarding your chosen topic,thats for sure. You may also have a video creation experience. That's an added advantage for you at the outset.

Second condition is that you are a good educator but don't have necessary video creation experience. worry not. We will help yoi in the process through our suggestions. In this digital age, video creation is not the hard part. The difficult thing is to have knowledge, and that you have. So, you are perfectly suited for to be launched to as an star educator. PROCKC is your launchpad.

There are three broad ways to create a video lecture.

1) Shoot the video with you present in it, teaching and speaking face to face with the audience. You can also use white/black board for your assistance in the frame. Your simple mobile or digicam will help you in the recording process. You can ask some friend of yours to hold the camera or you can have a tripod for your assistance. 

2) Creating Presentations of the lecture on Powerpoint etc and do voiceover/narration with video editing softwares like iMovie, Filmora, Adobe Premier Pro etc. You can also record your screen while doing narration through screen recording softwares.

3) Using an online notepad or animation software.

The quality of the Video is summation of three basic things : 

Quality of Content + Quality of Video + Quality of Audio

First two things can be controlled by your knowledge & video recordings. For good quality audio, you can use a good quality mic while recording/narration. It will help you a lot in gaining audience and earnings. What is the use, when the lecture is not clearly audible, right? 

The uploaded video should preferably in .MP4 format. You can use any video format convertor online to manage the format. The video file size should preferable to less than 1 GB for a low speed internet availing student. Anyways, PROCKC internally optimise the video quality for you.

Video Compressors like Handbrake can be used to optimise size & quality before uploading also.

Also, we have observed that video lectures with play length in range of 5 minutes to 20 mins are best suited for online students attention time span. The choice & freedom lies with you on PROCKC, always. 

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