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What is Pay-Per-View on

by Admin Prockc

3 years ago

The model of earnings on PROCKC is based on pay-per-view model on both teaching tools, YouC & WeC, as can be read in other sections. A payment incidence happens in Earnings wallet of an Educator whenever a paid view is done by any student/ viewer.

Suppose the 'Teacher's Charge' for a video lecture is 10 points on YouC [i.e, cost of view = 15 points], whenever a student agree to pay for that video content for viewing, 10 points will be automatically credited in Educator's earnings wallet. Also, that particular video lecture will be free for viewing for that particular student anytime in the future. In business parlance, that video commodity is purchased by the student by paying to the educator as per their charge, and is eligible to view the content whenever he/she wishes.

Whenever a new student pay for the content, Educator's Earnings wallet will be automatically credited. 

Before every payment for the video lecture or live session, the student/ viewer will be shown a free preview of the content/session. During the preview, that student's view will not be counted as paid view. Only after he/she confirm their payment, the complete lecture will be made available to them.

We will understand through an example of a Video lecture uploaded on YouC. The data here is only assumption just for the sake of better understanding.

Video Lecture Title : Oxidation & Reduction for JEE

Teacher's Charge (to be set by Teacher/Uploader) : 20 points

Therefore, Cost of View for student : 30 points (see relevant sections to understand Cost of View)

Total Views on Video : 100

Total paid View : 50 (assumption)

Earnings from the lecture till today : Teacher's Charge x Total paid Views [ 20 x 50 = 1000 points] 

As 1 point = 1 INR, therefore 1000 points will be equivalent to 1000 INR.

Any video lecture will keep on fetching earnings and views till the time its hosted on PROCKC and there is paid audience for it.

There will be ongoing special offers for Educators from PROCKC to enhance their Earnings. Keep a track on Special Offer section on Home Page.

Therefore, as an Educator, you have to assure quality of content & decide the right Teacher's Charge. Earnings will never be any limitation on PROCKC. Infact, your efforts today will always be relevant and can keep you fetching good earnings in a long span. 

Happy Teaching & wishing you a Handsome Earnings for your knowledge.


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