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What to study for UGC NET/ JRF in International Area Studies

by vignesh p

4 years ago

UGC NET is the exam for those aspirants willing to enter academia. A candidate is eligible for both provided , age requirements are satisfied. Under UGC guidelines, 28 years of age is the maximum for appearing in JRF exam. However, NET can be taken up at any point upto age of 55 years. 

International Area Studies is very popular among those pursuing Political Science. It provides an opportunity to enter the field of International Affairs or Relations. The discipline has important applications in formulating theories on world politics and the practice of diplomacy. However, in India it has been neglected till now. Recently, a boom for the discipline has been witnessed with many students taking a liking for it. 

In the case for preparation for exam, UGC NET is competitive with 100 MCQs pattern. Questions range from IR theory to IR scholars. Scholars like Headly Bull, Morgantheau are frequently asked in these papers. Also, NET has focussed on critical theories like feminist and third word scholars. So you may want to read up on it.

Knowledge about current affairs and indian involvement in world affairs should be studied in detail. Events occuring in the past year will be the main focus on the paper.

The objective should be to score atleast around 70 marks. That would be the cut off limit usually, though it may year from year. 

Also, few institutes offer International Relations program. It would be helpful if you can check up those papers also. South Asian University has an excellent IR program Read their question papers for masters and Ph.D which would be very helpful. 

Please start the preparation ASAP and all the best :)


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