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Why Sociology in SAU ?

by vignesh p

1 year ago

Written by Mrinimoy Borah

South Asian University is established in New Delhi under the aegis of SAARC which is one of its kind. An international institution in type, it believes it providing knowledge by breaking away the borders in South Asia. The masters as well as the M.Phil/ PhD. Proggrame in the University has one of the the highest teacher to student ratio compared to other universities as South Asian University takes only 30 students in its Masters Programme and 6 students in its M. Phil/ PhD. Programme. Another unique experience one can get in this university is true sense of South Asia because the proportion of students in the class is such that 50 percent belongs to India and the rest half to all other SAARC countries or non- SAARC countries. Therefore, in the classroom of Social Sciences Departments such as Sociology, the students bring in different elements to the discussion from their own countries which enhances the knowledge. Sociology is a discipline within the domain of social sciences where one attains knowledge about the scientific ways of studying the interaction and relationship between an individual person and the society. The Department of Sociology at the South Asian University, New Delhi provides its students the knowledge and the ways of studying different phenomena taking place in different societies across the world. The Department believes that it is important to study societies across the world from different points of view rather than restricting to the studies of west. Therefore, it tries to blur the line between sociology and social anthropology which gives the student an in-depth historical understanding of the issues as well as their contemporary studies. Further, the department has designed its courses in such a way that almost every course contains some elements of South Asia, which sets it apart from other Universities not only in India but across South Asia. South Asian University is inclined towards academic research and therefore, the Sociology Department does not provide any placement opportunities in the industrial sector of Non- Profit Organisations. But the students are encouraged to pursue high quality academic research which also is a need of the time in South Asia context.

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