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Why Teachers need to be on PROCKC?

Best Online Platform designed immaculately for Teachers.

Easiest way to make your students’ online learning experience the best!

Revenue for teachers is through pay-per-view unlike other ad-dependent platforms.

Teachers can structure their content as lessons instead of courses, thus maximizing their revenues from a single lesson.

Content copyright is reserved for Teachers only.

We provide online technology and marketing support while teachers can focus what they do the best!


Why Students need to be on PROCKC?

Because PROCKC is where best teachers are there!

Find the widest available choice of lessons and choice of teachers!

More value to money: Pay only for the lesson you need, concept you want to understand. Why pay for the whole course?

Choose from a wide range of teachers at your convenience.

Stay connected with teachers and your friends on our own social network feature.

Save time and engage with teachers one-on-one on our video chat feature. Free of cost!

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