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PROCKC has been designed to collect as minimum information as possible from you but for providing our services, certain basic information becomes necessary. So, PROCKC collects your information such as your full name, mobile number, email-id and country mandatorily and should you wish to provide other information such as physical address, subjects of interest, gender, date of birth etc. relevant to functioning of portal.

The following is the list of data that PROKC collects from you mandatorily. Any other data can be optional.

You have the choice of not providing information in non-mandatory fields. But not providing information in mandatory fields may constrain us from offering you with our services. Since the information is used by us to communicate with you, connect you with other users on PROCKC portal, validate you as a genuine user, process your payments etc. We recommend you to provide correct information in mandatory fields to make proper use of PROCKC offerings.

PROCKC guarantees that all data provided by you shall be made visible to you on your account dashboards once logged in on PROCKC portal. Upon logging in and opening your profile details tab, all the information that you have entered on PROCKC portal shall be made visible to you. You may change, add or delete any information provided by you at any point of time. In case of any change in basic information field (name, email id & mobile number), reverification shall be carried out and only then will the new basic information be updated and be visible to you. All other information may be modified without any reverification process.

The data obtained from you shall be stored on PROCKC server space purchased currently on Amazon Web Services Servers. Since the data hosted will be on the AWS servers, you are bound in agreement with Amazon as well. Please refer their privacy policy here.

PROCKC assures you that any data stored on it's server space shall be protected with utmost sensibility. It shall not be sold to any other entity for whatever reason. The data collected by PROCKC is solely to communicate with its users. You alone can decide the kind of information that must be made visible to others on the portal.

However, since the data has been hosted on AWS with good faith and by consenting to their terms and conditions. Feature for organizing live sessions is developed based on third party platform- Tokbox. The data generated during this duration shall be stored on their servers. Please refer to their privacy policy here:

PROCKC shall not be held responsible for any breach in security on Amazon /Tokbox servers. PROCKC will try to liaison with concerned authorities to remedy the situation on behalf of the users but is in no obligation to do so. PROCKC shall not be responsible for any damage arising due to any breach on Amazon servers.

The withdrawal of data from the servers is a right of the user. Please read the relevant sections under terms and conditions of usage.

Data provided by the users is used in aggregated form to plan better service to users. Like the country which the users belong to or the age group to which our users are from. These data help us in narrowing down your search results for accuracy. Also, to help educators clearly define their target audience and predictable source of earning for them.

PROCKC reserved the right to portions of this content for its marketing purposes.

If you any concerns or questions about this privacy notice, you may address it to our customer grievances officer as per Information Technology Act 2000

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